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As a Leading online eCommerce and Business Platform Optimiser,

My Experience as the Owner of my Own Company Allows Anyone and Everyone to Passively. Sell Online.

Easily with the Best Coud-Based eCommerce Solution On the Market.

So How Do You Create the Best Growing Online eCommerce store for your Business?

You Enlist and Hire an Experienced

Shopify Setup Expert Like Me.

Why Choose a Setup Expert

to Build Your Online Store?

It’s Pretty Simple really.

By Learning more from a Qualified and Experienced Shopify Designer,

you can Rest Assured, Knowing your Shopify Store is readily, Built. With the Highest, Level. of Functionality, Quality.

and Professionalism.

Your customers will experience

the best online shopping experience

possible with a Shopify store

that is efficient, functional as well as stylish

and tailored to your brand.

Jake Solo Agency

is a leading Shopify & eCommerce

Setup Expert

in Sydney.

With well over 40 ecommerce sites under their belt

and over 10 years

of eCommerce and marketing experience,

your Shopify store is in the right hands.

As a recent case study,

we completed replatform project

from WordPress onto Shopify.

Previously the site was set up

on two different domains,

one for content

and one for purchasing tickets,

which lead to a ton of duplicate content.

Since our client is event based,

they needed a platform that could easily support a few events or tons of concurrent events in different locations.

This was a complete redesign,


and Shopify setup project:

Easy to navigate site with intuitive UI/UX,

Mobile friendly, Ability to easily manage upcoming events,

Able to handle online

and in-person ticket sales,

Support digital ticket sales with QR codes,

Required waiver acceptance prior to checkout

& Integration with

Mail Chimp

and Google Analytics

.Jake Solo Agency,

can help you launch your online store

in less than 30 days!

Its Front-end





With Shopify.

everything works seamlessly together.

It boasts an excellent Customer Management System

with all functions and such as your website,

shopping cart, payment and inventory all sync up

nicely together

in one sleek platform.

Hosting and SEO friendly:

Say goodbye to any hosting worries as Shopify hosts all its own websites.

Basic SEO is taken care of with URLs created for you by our experts

and the ability to add your own SEO

metadata so search engines (and your customers) can find you! 24/7

Support: The beauty of using large platforms such as Shopify mean a host of valuable online support available at all times.

The live chat function is available 24/7 with a Shopify expert always on hand.

So, if you are looking to take the leap into creating your own eCommerce store,


a Jake Solo Agency

Setup Expert to ensure your store

is of the highest quality for your customers. •


developing product’s:

Creating ecommerce stores

that generate 6 figure sales

  • Developing Sales pages, Optin pages, Webinar Optin page’s, Gift pages, Squeeze pages. •

Webinar’s, Developing slides,

Evergreen Webinar’s • Email Marketing, Infusion Soft Automation,

Email broadcasts. • Marketing PPC and SEO, Facebook ads, Google Ads, Youtube ads, Analytics


  • Coordinating large scale sales based off relevant leads provided by outbound team
  • Working to KPI’s in a commission-based selling structure
  • Monitoring Performance


Recruitment of New Staff

  • Liaising with high profile clients and establishing lucrative business relationships
  • Working in a high pressure, small business environment
  • Managing sales from beginning to end –
  • generating the lead through to closing the deal
  • Developed plan for new mobile site.

Managed full project lifecycle:

strategy, design,



and implementation.

Increased conversion by 35%,

reduced bounce rate by 42%,

and improved user engagement.

  • Responsible for site analytics and testing to drive growth for ecommerce KPIs.

Used a/b and multi variate testing to

drive 15%

Improvement In Site Conversion




Jake Solo is the One of Most Highly Recognized and Trusted Internet Consultant Around the World.

He specializes in Digital Marketing, Information Marketing, and Internet Exchange Commerce and has mentored clients from around the world for many years.

As an expert business consultant, he provides detailed planning and implementation of corporate online strategies which has resulted in massive increases in ROI for his clients.

As a mentor, his wide knowledge and expertise have helped transform the lives of hundreds of individuals by teaching them how to succeed online with eCommerce and Information Marketing.

He provides in-depth, effective programs and workshops that are accessible even to total beginners.

He believes that:

                        “Everything not defined is undefined”.