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This article will compare the nature of ads that different social media platforms show, including Facebook, Google, and TickTok. Read this write-up until the end to determine which one is best for eCommerce.


We can hope that by the end, you will find all the answers to your questions that you need to know regarding all these platforms, so you will be able to choose the right one that suits your business needs. 


To promote eCommerce businesses, many people use ads to attract their target audience. If you are one of them and want to know which options are there for you to avail yourself, then it depends upon the nature of your target audience and what you need to draw from the whole business. Different companies use Google, Facebook, and Tik-Tock ads for various purposes, so look at the below details to determine which platform suits your business needs ideally. 


What is eCommerce Advertising?


Before we move any further, it is significant to know what in the first place advertising is essential for an eCommerce business. It has been said that it is the act of placing purchased information on an online or offline property and then targeting new possibilities or retargeting who can be potential customers.


When we talk about online properties, it can be search engines, newsletters, a website, social media networks, podcasts, or any other communicative online properties including chat or instant messaging. Offline properties are more customary forms of advertising like ads on radios, direct mail campaigns, TV spots, and  billboards


The messages that you have bought let you reach out to the people who may or may not have heard of your services, business, and products. The main aim is to grow brand awareness to get a direct response from the target community.


One single advertising strategy or platform can never work well for every eCommerce business. It’s essential to always be testing and measuring your return on investment (ROI) on every channel that includes both online and offline.


Facebook Ads


There is no doubt that Facebook is a well-known name in the sphere of social media. The main thing for eCommerce users to choose this one is that there is a massive audience to whom you can gain access. It has 49% of global users between the ages of 25 to 44. Here the size and scale of Facebook mean that people can productively reach out to more than a single demographics and type of audience. 


When considering the content, Facebook has different stuff to offer compared to Google and Tik-Tok. Users can look for several static images, written posts, and short and lengthy videos. It increases a considerable amount of monthly active users, with a probability of 2.89 billion individuals logging in every month, which is a significant number. 


Long story short, if you want to reach out to a wide variety and number of people, there is no other option better than Facebook. It can be considered a massive source of marketing, and you can grow your business without having any fear of legal boundaries and extend your business. 


Google Ads


Google is the biggest search engine dealing with almost 6 billion searches every day. With all these unlimited searches, there must be a lot of people searching, too! That’s the time when Google Ads jumps in. It’s easy, and specific Google ads show up every time one or more keywords match with the search query of Google users. 


You can select to drive your website traffic, attend more phone calls, or increase your in-store visits to promote your business. That’s not the only place; users can also go for Google display network campaigns and Youtube videos to reach their target audience. 


If you are looking for buyers where you can promote your market in the finest way, then Google takes the win against anybody. Using Google Search ads allows to pop up anyone’s business in front of a potential customer at the right moment they could require their product or service. 


TickTok Ads


If your marketing purpose is to promote your business, services, or product to the new generation or if your business is in its initial phase, then there is no other option better than to choose TickTok ads. You would probably wonder why to choose TickTok when there are multiple different options for you to look for. The answer lies in the following benefits. 


The ads on TickTok are relatively cost-effective compared to any other platform, mainly because it is a new platform. If you check the statistics, you will know that the cost of TickTok ads is lesser than the ads on Facebook and Instagram. 


With this platform, you will have better and more creative opportunities. The main difference between TickTok and other advertising platforms is the unlimited creative possibilities that it has to offer.


Here is a TIP!


Whenever you are about to begin, it’s best to test one or two particular channels with a small budget. It will be in your best interests to scale up a small budget on ads that are converting just OK rather than think about starting with a massive budget and possibly waste much money trying to figure out what works best in your case.


Final Words


We have stated all the necessary details about all the three platforms here for you to choose the best one that serves your business needs in the proper sense. If you think that Google ads are best for you, you should opt for that option, but if you think Facebook ads or TickTok ads are more beneficial in the process of marketing, you should go for that. 


Everything requires risk, so it is up to you which option you think will be the right one for better eCommerce marketing. Just choose your preferred ads option for marketing purposes, and let us know about your experience with that. We would love to learn more about your experience. If you have any questions, reach out to us as we would love to know more from you.